You Yasu

At EveryVoiceCounts we search high and low for people who have a Yasu approach to their work.

Yasu is a mix of passion, dedication, humanism and perfectionism but above all it is an understanding that doing something well and mindfully is the only way to achieve great things.  Whether you are cleaning your bathroom or trying to eradicate a disease you’ll miss something if you are not totally focused and in the flow.

Yasu is a word used in honour of Mr Yasu – a sushi chef in Queens, NY – who was simply unable to take shortcuts and as a result he made the best sushi we had ever tasted.

Yasu people can be found working miracles in all walks of life.  And if you think you are not Yasu in anything then you are looking in the wrong place.  To read books to your kids in the Yasu way is just as perfect as being a Yasu builder or leading a nation in the Yasu way.

Below are some Yasu people we have come across.  We fearlessly recommend dealing with them!  We will update this page from time to time since many Yasu types do not have their own website (yet).

Pat Collins, Herbalist

Cara Muhlhahn, Midwife

Claude Stein, Vocal Coach

Arnhem Weavers

Rachel, Gove Aquatic Centre manager and swim coach

Lachlan Storrie, Permaculturalist

Are you a Yasu?   Do you know a Yasu?


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