To help someone find their voice, first listen to them…

Rushing in with answers is an imposition that always results in a shallow understanding of the issues and we have found that people only speak up in a safe environment.

EveryVoiceCounts finds ways to give voice to people because the best solutions arise when people are empowered to solve their own problems.

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EveryVoiceCounts consults to For-Good Organisations (FGOs) with great ideas.

  • We immerse ourselves, create a plan that will work in the real world and find the right people to run the project.
  • Our expertise is in seeing gaps, problems, details and possibilities.
  • We have an extraordinary breadth of experience and we know that every great idea flies or fails on the quality and commitment of the people that run with it.

We find great people.

EveryVoiceCounts co-founders Tanya Burke and Buddhi Lokuge have been working at giving voice to communities all over the world for 20 years.
They have worked in schools, emergency departments, NGOs, embassies, circuses, government departments, remote indigenous communities, cotton fields, nursing homes and festivals.

“We have worked at giving voice to disadvantaged communities in Indonesia, Arnhem Land, East Timor, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Niger in the fields of health, nutrition, education, the arts and public policy. Through this work we have learned that our own communities have the same need to find their true voice” says founder, Tanya.

“If I could say how I really feel I think that life would be very different.” Kalyani, age 5.