Natural Singer workshops in Australia


Please note the Natural Singer workshops have now finished. Please register your interest in attending future EveryVoiceCounts workshops here.

EveryVoiceCounts is bringing Claude Stein, with over 30 years experience as an internationally recognized voice and performance coach, to Australia for the first time!

EveryVoiceCounts is presenting two special workshops: one for disadvantaged children and one for the Sydney Street Choir.  EveryVoiceCounts is also offering a number of sponsored places on the public workshops, and offering the public workshops below cost to make working with the inspirational Claude Stein accessible to more people.

Claude Stein is a multi-platinum award-winning voice coach whose private clients include artists on Atlantic, Sony, and Virgin record labels. The approach Claude has developed blends easy-to-learn vocal skills with powerful performance techniques that enable people to overcome performance anxiety and express themselves more fully and effectively.

It is an innovative method that quickly empowers both beginners and professionals alike. The results have been highly acclaimed by leading coaches and experts in the fields of communication and creativity.

Come and celebrate the magnificent healing power of your voice.

Whether you already sing or have always wished you could, this exciting workshop will change your life. In The Natural Singer, you learn how to finally find and use your true voice. We practice basic exercises to relax the throat, build confidence, increase range, sing in key, and project with power. Then using favorite songs, we develop
the gifts we were born with. The results are simply amazing as each of us, no matter what level we are at, triumphs over the physical, emotional, and psychological issues that limit us, even if we have never been able to carry a tune.

In the 5-day Natural Singer immersion, there is extended individual attention, group singing, and community support as we uncover the amazing beauty and power of our true voices.

Open to both singers and nonsingers, this weeklong workshop offers a wide range of exercises to open the voice, control tone, and train the ear. We build harmonies, rhythms, and improve our breathing. Then we learn techniques to express the personal messages that spring from deep in our soul. The experience is truly magical.  Blocks and inhibitions are overcome, creativity is unleashed, and voices quickly ring out. Whether you already sing in public and want to take it to the next level, or just want to hit the notes while singing in the car, you will find yourself communicating more easily and singing like you have always wanted to.

Therapists, coaches, and workshop leaders also find the techniques valuable for use with their clients.

No previous skill or experience is needed. Bring lyrics, instruments, and music if you like.

 Natural Singer Workshops Natural Singer Workshops (Sydney)

When people find their true voice and the confidence to use it they are able to interact with their world in an honest and fearless manner.  This can lead to a life lived with greater integrity and focus and without the resentment caused by feeling stifled and unheard.

Finding our voices helps to overcome oppression and change the world for the better, one voice at a time.


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