A million little steps to unhappiness

Tonight I watched an episode of a reality tv show.  It’s been a while and it reminded me of the time, more than ten years ago, when I saw an add on television in Boston, with the tagline “Chrysler is love”.  At the time I laughed out loud.  What?  Seriously?  Chrysler is love?  Love?  Of all the ephemeral, indefinable, philosophical concepts you could pick to describe a car as it drove on winding roads to comforting music: Love.

I figured that Americans must have been acclimatised to that kind of hyperbole over the years so that nobody blinked an eye at the absurdity and I thought you wouldn’t get away with that in Australia.  Australians are just too pragmatic.  Too direct.  Chrysler is not love, it is a car manufacturer. Continue reading