8 Tips For Living and Working in Arnhem Land

We have learned a little about working with Yolngu and navigating the intersecting worlds of ngapaki and indigenous Australians in the past year. Since there are always new balanda coming through I thought it might be helpful to compile some tips and resources for individuals planning to work up here.  On another post I write more on best practice for organisations working up here.

First of all, have an open mind.  When we moved to New York a friend said ‘expect it to be like trying to get things done in India and you won’t be disappointed’.  She was right.  When we moved up here another friend said ‘you should need a visa to live in remote aboriginal communities’.  She was right, too, and in fact we do need a permit to live in Arnhem Land.  Basically they were both saying things are going to surprise you.  No matter how informed you are, the one tool that will help you the most will be an open mind.. Continue reading